1. When can I visit Neighborhood Music School?
      Monday – Friday from 12 – 7pm or Saturdays from 9 – 4 pm. No appointment necessary. 
    2. Where is the Neighborhood Music School located?
      358 S. Boyle Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90033, near the corner of 4th and Boyle. We are seconds off the 5 Freeway where it meets the 10 and the 60 Freeways. We are three blocks away from the Metro Gold Line – Mariachi Plaza; and minutes away from Little Tokyo, Olvera Street and Downtown LA.


    1. Who are the Neighborhood Music School teachers?
      Our part-time faculty is composed of professional musicians whose mentoring and inspirational teaching methods encourage each student to strive for excellence in all that they do. Our teachers hold graduate and undergraduate degrees from institutions like Cal Arts, UCLA, Stanford, Cal State LA, and other respected universities.


    1. When is the best time for my child to start music at the Neighborhood Music School?
      Each child is different, so “the best” starting age varies. Our official minimum age for private lessons is 5; however, we have students as young as 3. Our Office Manager, Bernard Leon, started lessons with us at the age of 4. We STRONGLY recommend stopping by the Main Office with your child to have a FREE consultation to see if your child is ready to start lessons. There is a difference between having an interest in music and being able to take instruction in music.


    1. Are there performance opportunities at the Neighborhood Music School?
      Yes, at least once each month! One week, every month, our school has “Showtime.” Showtime is an informal recital that happens every 30 minutes, 5 minutes before the end of each half hour lesson. All our students gather in our parlor to perform in front of their fellow musicians. We also have two formal concerts in winter and summer. For our advanced students, we do participate in community events throughout the year.


    1. What classes/instruments are offered at the Neighborhood Music School?
      We have private and group instruction. Our private lesson minimum age is 5 with classes in piano, violin, viola, cello, percussion, guitar, trumpet, flute, clarinet, saxophone, keyboards and voice. Our group lesson minimum age is 7, with classes in keyboard, guitar, violin and choir.


    1. How much do private lessons cost at Neighborhood Music School?
      Students 17 and under pay $16 per half hour lesson. Students 18 and over pay $20 per half-hour lesson. There is an annual $12 registration fee that students pay when they first join and every March.


    1. How much do group classes cost at the Neighborhood Music School?
      Group classes usually run in 8-week sessions. Cost for group instrumental classes is $8 per hour lesson or $64 per 8-week session. Group instrumental classes have minimum of 5 and a maximum of 8 students. Cost for choir is $2.50 per hour lesson or $20 per 8-week session. Choir has a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 18 students.


  1. What separates the Neighborhood Music School from other music schools?
    We are more than just a school. We are a community. That is why we encourage new families to stop by so they can actually experience what we are all about. We help with homework, provide community service hours, practice space, and practice pianos, affordable quality music education, and much more…that’s what we are here for. We tell our students, when you enroll here, “You just made a new friend.”