What We Do


Music Instruction

We currently offer private instruction in piano, violin, viola, cello, percussion, guitar, trumpet, flute, clarinet, saxophone, and voice, however, classes for other instruments can be added on an as needed basis. As students become more proficient in expressing themselves through singing or playing an instrument, they gain poise and self-assurance. Research indicates that developing musical literacy skills reinforces or catalyzes success in academic performance. Overall, musical expression positively affects self-esteem, test-taking success, a better school performance and so much more. With music disappearing from local public schools at an alarming rate, our music classes are often the only chance children have to discover the magic of music while embarking upon a journey of self-discovery. Our mission is to not only teach music, but to help our students develop the joys, wonders and skills that passively arise from a multi-faceted music education.Easter Egg Hunt

Community Building

The Neighborhood Music School is also a gathering place for neighborhood residents.  In addition to music instruction, we open our doors to the community for movie nights, concerts, picnics and field trips. We host an annual Community Festival and other special events. We are a home away from home.


Performance Opportunities

Students have many performance opportunities . The last week of each month, each student participates in Showtime. Students and teachers gather in the parlor the last ten minutes of every half hour lesson to perform for each other informally. Through these monthly performances, students build confidence and gain valuable experience. Students who are ready also perform in two Student Recitals each year, one in June and one in December. More advanced students and ensemble classes are often invited to perform at community events throughout the year.