Our teaching staff is composed of professional musicians and educators whose mentoring and inspirational teaching methods encourage students to strive for excellence in all that they do. Our teachers hold graduate and undergraduate degrees from institutions like Cal Arts, UCLA, USC, Stanford, Cal State LA, and other respected universities; many of them also maintain active careers as music educators, composers and performers. For these dedicated individuals, working at the Neighborhood Music School is a labor of love.


Anna Antonian

Argenta Walther

Balam Garcia

Betsy Rettig

Caster Teoh

Catherine Baker

Erika Salas

Gerardo Morales

James Higgs

Jason McNally

JP Rogers

Lenin Lugo

Maritza Ortiz

Matt Aldrich

Mickey Fruchter

Natalia Hudson

Rafael Liebich

Sarah Palma

Sara Gomez

Travis Laughlin

Tany Ling